Storage systems allow to accumulate the produced energy, making it available at any time. They are the ideal solution for those who want to maximize the performance of their system and reduce bill costs. Our storage systems are highly efficient, with long-lasting eco-sustainable batteries, for homes and industries.
Choose a YouPower storage systems: design and installation are included

A storage system is a great idea

1. Energy Independence

use your produced energy at night or in times of poor sunshine

2. Savings

Use your energy during peak hours, with the highest energy cost

3. lower Environmental Impact

Use more renewable energy and less fossil sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions

4. Modularity

storage systems can be expanded if your energy needs should increase

5. Reliability

Storage systems guarantee energy flow in areas with unstable electricity supplies, or located in remote areas or not connected to the electricity grid

6. Intelligent Energy Management

storage systems are equipped with intelligent technologies that allow to monitor and manage your energy use

7. Support for Critical Loads

During blackouts, storage system can power critical loads such as security systems or medical equipment.

8. Maggiore Autonomia nelle Zone Remote

Per le abitazioni situate in zone remote o non collegate alla rete elettrica, un sistema di accumulo offre un modo pratico per avere energia elettrica affidabile

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