YouPower is your partner for the production of clean energy from the sun. YouPower is a leading Swiss company in photovoltaic industry, providing multiple installations and solutions for homes and business.  We produce energy in the most efficient and green way. We offer technologically advanced solutions, perfectly adapted to the characteristics of all your buildings (sloping roofs, floors, vertical surfaces)

Why YouPower photovoltaic

Save on energy bills

YouPower photovoltaic panels have the highest yield on the market

Clean and Renewable Energy

protect the environment with renewable, non-polluting energy source, without transport waste

Energy Independence

feel free to consume more without depending on traditional electricity companies

Enhance your property value

energy efficiency: a photovoltaic system guarantees an increase in the attractiveness of the property among institutional investors and buyers

Incentives and Tax Benefits

Take advantage of high tax deductions and incentives to reduce installation cost

Economic profitability

Transform your roof into a source of income thanks to the sale of non-self-consumed energy

We plan every step with you

YouPower is a company of esteemed professionals, rooted in Switzerland. We are proud to offer a single interlocutor for the entire project: from the analysis of the site, to the choice of materials, to the installation, so as to optimize construction times and always have a professional single reference for the progress of your project.

Advanced technologies and software for a customized project

from the in-depth analysis of your energy needs to the design of the system, you will have a specialized team that uses the most modern design and calculation software. In a few minutes we are able to

  • place the panels without shadows
  • Slope analysis
  • Analysis of pilings and collisions
  • Automatic 3D wiring

Our designers will be of support, to guarantee maximum energy yield.
Find out how much energy you can produce with your roof in Switzerland


Inspection and control of the roof structure

Not only technology, but also human competence. Before each project we carry out numerous site inspections, examining the structural quality of your properties. We check that the roof is suitable to support the photovoltaic system, that it is intact and free of problems that could interfere with a perfect installation. We provide possible construction solutions and alternatives.

Energy management service and electric car charging system integration

We provide a timely analysis of the current consumption of your company or your residential unit (villa or condominium) to best size the system and foresee future needs for consumption expansion or energy peaks. We provide you with any system integrations relating to electric car charging systems, also providing you with patented and exclusive products such as the YouPower BAR

Continuous assistance

It is important to maintain the efficiency of your systems. This is why we are committed to providing our customers with a continuous after-sales service, which includes 360-degree control, maintenance, assistance and consultancy. we will schedule periodic checks according to the agreed deadline and in case of intense bad weather. Contact us to answer your questions and offer you customized solutions to satisfy every energy need.

Insurance policies

Your system is an asset to be protected over time. This is why YouPower supports you in offering you insurance policies capable of protecting the installations even in the event of adverse events.

Let's meet in our showroom

A company is made up of people. We are waiting for you in our showroom in Mezzovico, to show you our latest technologies, listen to you, think about the best solutions and evaluate together the most suitable alternatives for your photovoltaic project. Availability and transparency are our promise and you will feel home in our premises.

Certification and incentives

All our installations are carried out correctly and safely in compliance with current regulations. We assist you in fulfilling the bureaucratic rules related to authorizations and obtaining legal incentives.

Calculate your incentive for a photovoltaic plan


Our solutions

  • Photovoltaic Panels for Facades

    Specifically designed for exploiting vertical surfaces for solar energy production in urban buildings where roof space may be limited. They can be made in various materials and finishes. Provide high aesthetic contents and architectural flexibility. Contribute to thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.

  • PERC ABC Photovoltaic Panels

    PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) ABC technology represents an advanced version of PERC solar panels. They have a layer on the solar cell that increases light absorption.

  • Integrated Photovoltaic Panels

    an efficient solution combining energy production and structural roof functions., Integrated panels replace architectural elements such as the roof, tiles or facades. Ideal for applications in urban contexts and buildings with particular aesthetic constraints.

  • Hybrid Inverters (Huawei)

    Huawei's hybrid inverters convert direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) for home use. If connected to storage batteries, they allow to store excess energy

  • Storage Batteries

    they store energy not immediately consumed, for use it when you need it at night or during cloudy days.

  • Substructure (K2)

    designed to ensure safe and long-lasting installation of the panels. K2 Systems is known for its innovative mounting solutions that can be adapted to all types of roofs and withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

The energy produced with photovoltaic system, can be used for domestic self-consumption or resold. the excess energy produced is sold to your electricity supplier and paid at the market price by the energy services manager.

A photovoltaic system has an average lifespan of approximately 25/30 years. To guarantee perfect efficiency during this long period, despite wear and adverse climatic conditions, YouPower offers a periodic maintenance service

There are no contraindications for placing an implant. To obtain the greatest efficiency, we recommend a surface without shading and preferably oriented to the south.

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