YouPower BAR is the most awaited innovative solution on the market. Designed and patented to overcome all constraints of conventional charging stations

Perchè YouPower BAR

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, YouPower BAR offers a new and exclusive charging experience: more efficient, more economical, more versatile and full of design compared to traditional domestic and large-space charging stations

Thanks to YouPower BAR your electric car will travel with the sun, with lower costs and installation work compared to traditional electric chargin


Modular design, charges up to 100 cars at the same time

For residential and commercial use

Suitable for indoors and outdoors

Quick and easy to install (halves time and costs)

adapts to the existing energy load in your building

Integrated with wifi and software for automatic billing of consumption

Customizable in multiple colors and finishes

Made entirely from recycled materials

Safe and without risk of overheating the battery

Reliable and easy to use

A new, patented way to recharge electric vehicles: lower installation costs and more design

With YouPower BAR you take your e-mobility to new levels of technology and design. With a configurable and customisable design, YouPower BAR offers a simple and intelligent way to access sustainable e-mobility.

Flexible installation, for indoors and outdoors

YouPower BAR is the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. Installed on the wall, on the ground, in the single or double-sided version, YouPower BAR is designed to satisfy all your needs

Versatile and extendable: charge up to 100 cars simultaneously

YouPower BAR can be easily customized to fit your parking or garage growing needs. Add more charging stations at any time, without further installation work: YouPower BAR is the most flexible and economical choice.

Always connected with the YouPower App

With the YouPower BAR App control your top-ups. You can activate the charging process remotely and manage it in real time. You can decide to charge some vehicles as a priority. You can monitor the energy supplied to each vehicle and manage the billing for each single car.

Customizable design

Thanks to the infinite range of colors and finishes, YouPower BAR represents the top of existing design applied to EV charging industry. Add value and appeal to your garage or parking spaces. Experience the perfect combination of form, technology and function

Easy to use

YouPower BAR is plug&play and works with all car models. Intuitive light brackets indicate the activity status. you can easily monitor whether the station is in use or has completed the charging process.

Maximum safety

no risk of overheating of the electric batteries or potential fires, compared to supercharger columns.

Get your condominium moving with our solutions

Manage the charging of all electric cars in the best possible way and make your condominium even more efficient, with our YouPower BAR offers: without major adaptation work and with automatic and transparent invoicing

  • A dedicated consultant

    By choosing YouPower BAR you will have a consultant at your disposal who will help you identify the right solution for you.

  • Respect for the environment

    Make a sustainable choice for the future: you can reduce the environmental impact of your condominium and prepare it for the mobility of the future, with minimal effort

  • easy invoicing

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