Energy Management and Metering transform the way we consume energy, offering real-time measurements and detailed consumption analyzes for more efficient and sustainable use of energy. These technologies allow an optimized consumption management, reducing costs and environmental impact. Integration with renewable energy makes this system fundamental for a cleaner and smarter energy future.

YouPower services

  • 1. Real Time Measurement

    YouPower provides a real-time measurements of consumption, allowing you to understand you consumption style, reduce waste and optimize energy use.

  • 2. Two-way communication

    devices communicate information to the energy supplier and receive data or commands back, facilitating an efficient management of electricity grid.

  • 3. Accurate Billing

    bills will be based on actual consumption, eliminating estimated costs

  • 4. Support for Home Automation

    integrated with home automation systems, allows for more advanced and personalized consumption control

  • 5. Dynamic Rates

    he smart meters report problems and malfunctions of the system in real time, allowing rapid diagnostics and maintenance even remotely

Smart meter

They are also equipped with advanced security measures to protect consumer data, ensuring a very advanced level of privacy

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