YouPower is an Energy Company with renewables as center of its technological development. YouPower is a vertical and integrated company, meeting the needs of both large industrial and private customers

YouPower is a 100% Swiss company 100%

controlled by Alpha Square Invest, the investment holding company specializing in technology, environment and design. Thanks to Alpha Square invest, YouPower has a new international management team who is leading the company towards record results and new business horizons.

YouPower is different

  1. Verticality and specialization – all people are employees of the company, to guarantee professionalism, control and safety at every stage.
  2. Organizational integration: we are the only Ticinese company with an internal Research and Development department capable of generating innovation and international patents (ig YouPower BAR)
  3. Maximum production and yield of our products (integrated e-mobility systems and photovoltaic plant)
  4. Increase in the value of your properties: both a photovoltaic system and the YouPower Bar guarantee an increase in the attractiveness and economic value your properties

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